Morningwood: Everybody Loves Large Chests (Vol.1)

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Morningwood: Everybody Loves Large Chests (Vol.1)

Morningwood: Everybody Loves Large Chests (Vol.1)

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Fizzy electrocutes him until his head explodes, killing him with the element that he kept Boxxy contained with and the basis of her family's Arclight profession. From Nobody to Nightmare: The whole affair began when a particularly curious level 0 monster learned how to pick up a sword without injuring itself.

He's got a huge job ahead of him, cleaning up the Empire and the Clergy, by force of arms if necessary. Bald of Evil: He takes it one step further by shaving his head, face and eyebrows every day (to avoid contaminating his experiments with stray hair) and is certainly evil. This was totally unnecessary on his part, as the Empire's military was already noted to be far stronger than the world's other countries, and her ensuing absence after Boxxy's escape has no effect on the Empire's fighting strength. Murder (and presumably any mistreatment) of prisoners of war (also presumably noncombatants) — taboo of Axel, the war (and generally conflict) god. De-power: A level 60 Administrative Scribe in this setting is capable of forcibly removing a being's Job(s).Morality Chain: Pedro admits to Kora while they're rehabilitating Theresa that he considers the Goddess of Justice to be his moral anchor, since she keeps him honest and is someone to compete with.

The long dead Elf Empire once enslaved most other species and conducted horrible experiments on their fellow enlightened beings.She falls into a particularly extreme one during the Time Skip near the end of the story, where Boxxy's absence has caused her to become the Overlord of Sloth due to her infinite despair. Later on in her life, she has a widespread (and well-earned) reputation for reacting violently to sudden surprises, such as surprise visitors or anyone trying to hit on her girlfriend. out of 5 is the very best I can do, merely because I hope in the next book she takes some form of closure-vengeance. Heroes Prefer Swords: Initially a ranger, Keira started training as a Blade Dancer as soon as she received a mithril rapier as a gift.

Evil Has a Bad Sense of Humor: Its familiars start to dread whenever Boxxy gets into a good mood and keeps it up for too long, since it begins to do horribly painful or malicious things to them and anyone Boxxy finds because it thinks that those things are hilarious. During a heated battle, a warlock named Arakawa Shinji recognizes Boxxy and tries to introduce himself in a Large Ham manner and talk to Boxxy. Multi-Armed and Dangerous: One of the first things Boxxy learns is how create and manipulate multiple tentacles in combat. This gives the isolated and small settlement a bizarre atmosphere in the eyes of visitors and tax collectors, though it's nothing that a well placed bribe or sexual favor can't smooth over. Beauty, Brains, and Brawn: A war hero, who is beautiful, reads books to gather information and became an artificer.Nuke 'em: Nagnamor's ultimate ability, Armageddon, which detonates himself in a massive explosion that sets the very air on fire. Curb-Stomp Battle: Edward literally curbstomps each of Boxxy's demons in sequence, and then Boxxy itself by kicking it through a building when Edward catches up to the runaway chest, handily serving as a prelude to just how powerful Ascendants really are. For example, Zone is a human like her mother, but has reptilian eyes and an odd, almost Emotionless Girl mindset from her raptor father. Bigger on the Inside: There are certain buildings and item containers that are like this thanks to the miracle of magic.

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