Dragon Quest (Usborne Fantasy Adventure) (Usborne Fantasy Adventure S.)

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Dragon Quest (Usborne Fantasy Adventure) (Usborne Fantasy Adventure S.)

Dragon Quest (Usborne Fantasy Adventure) (Usborne Fantasy Adventure S.)

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Starting with Dragon Quest VIII, the book also features short descriptions of monsters as well, describing various attributes such as habitat, species family, and natural behaviour. F'lar explains to Larad the difficulties in trying to go between to the Red Star when they've never been there, and notes the alternate forms of protection provided by the Ancients. Again, the book's function is provided by the Defeated Monster List in the Battle Records menu (available after Stella is encountered), with its functionality being virtually identical to VIII. Noting the arrival of Masterfarmer Andemon, Lessa and F'nor go to see the reason for his arrival — joined by Robinton, whose drunkenness was an act — and find F'lar showing him the grubs, in the hope he will know how the trees damaged by Thread were able to heal themselves.

When he asks why she let others assume that, Brekke reveals that she has loved F'nor ever since she first saw him, but became heartbroken once she discovered that bronzes, not browns, fly queens. Citing the fire lizards as evidence that a person can Impress more than once, Lessa reveals she plans to have Brekke stand as a Candidate at the next Hatching, so they don't lose her skills, although F'nor and Manora oppose this idea. After all, just because Pern is a society where men may strike women with impunity doesn’t mean all men, especially decent men, would desire to do so. F'lar next asks about Kylara's fire lizard being able to eat Thread; she states she did it when Thread began to fall, and also adds she was seen burrowing after Thread.

Protesting to Lytol — and reminded of his own birth required the help of others — Jaxom leaps onto the Hatching Grounds and breaks open the egg himself, revealing a tiny white dragon, Ruth, who Impresses him. Kylara attempted to proclaim herself Fort Weyrwoman, but was instead sent to High Reaches Weyr, where all but fourteen dragonriders decided to go to Southern Weyr.

Robinton, Masterharper of Pern, adjusted his tunic, the rich green pile of the fabric pleasing to the touch as well as the eye. Robinton denies this, and asserts to him and the other Lord Holders that the dragonriders are doing all they can to destroy Thread, also revealing a fear that the surface of the Red Star may be more dangerous than any of them think.F'lar then states they will use the distance-viewer at Fort Weyr first to find some good jumping co-ordinates for the dragons, and then they will send a group to explore.

While discussing this, F'nor finds that Canth would be able to travel to the Red Star with the image F'nor tried to give to Grall. Later, F'nor leaves a sleeping Brekke and travels to Fort Weyr, where he meets with N'ton, and the two go to the distance-viewer, which Meron is using. Noting Prideth is due to rise soon, F'lar suggests T'bor throw the flight open to rid himself of her, but he and Orth refuse.F'nor is asked to take them to Mastersmith Fandarel, and ends up travelling to the Mastersmithhall, where he witnesses two dragonriders from Fort Weyr — one of whom, T'reb, is being affected by his green dragon, nearly ready to mate — attempting to claim a knife from Master Smith Terry as a tithe, despite it being a wedding gift for Lord Larad. F'nor reminds her of Wirenth's upcoming mating flight, and that she can request bronzes from other Weyrs, but she refuses.

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