The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know is Possible (Sacred Activism): 2

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The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know is Possible (Sacred Activism): 2

The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know is Possible (Sacred Activism): 2

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And then, because I couldn’t really, like, I didn’t have a cogent rebuttal to the story of the world that I was all being offered, but I couldn’t make myself go along with it either. War, poverty, inequality, ecological breakdown, crime, sickness, addiction, and other forms of misery will not subside, not yet, not outwardly.

I couldn’t have articulated the feeling at the time, but I just couldn’t accept my situation as good and right, sitting in rows in the classroom, forced to do things I didn’t care about, filling out worksheet after worksheet, watching the clock tick slowly toward recess. Thus it is that the inner devastation of the Western psyche matches exactly the outer devastation it has wreaked upon the planet. We desire to transcend the Story of the World that has come to enslave us, that indeed is killing the planet. I don’t know if you’ve experienced this, but, but they especially happen at moments where you’ve let go of being in control of things.

What, how powerful would you be if you were able to ride those synchronicities, if you had mastered the technology of being at just the right place at just the right time meeting, just the right person, those people who are really successful in the world is that because they are so organized and so together, or is it maybe sometimes because they were in the right place at the right time playing out a story that was written in advance. In my own experience studying various fields and finding myself coming to very different conclusions than the mainstream I’ve realized that there must be significant other factors than logic or evidence influencing whatever ideas or theories are most prominent — because so many of them just don’t make sense under scrutiny. His book was so readily celebrated by powerful people in the establishment because it feels so commonsensical to them, drawing on assumptions they take for granted. No, this comes up for me as a, you know, sort of semi-public figure, you know, as, as like, if necessary, am I willing to sacrifice? But even if no one ever learns of it, even if it is invisible to every human on Earth, it will have no less of an effect.

My intention is to bring forth information, stories, and connections that solidify our presence in the Story of Interbeing, so that together we form a stable core around which a more beautiful world can coalesce.

Just as meaningful words are composed of meaningless letters, so also is the meaningful world composed of meaningless protons, neutrons, and electrons.

I see the the truth that anything that I do impact everything else that we cannot be secure if there are other people who are not secure, like not just from a a graciousness perspective, from a reality perspective, like revolution happens and the walls aren’t big enough. Each level reinforces the other: Our habits and beliefs form the psychic substructure of our system, which in turn induces in us the corresponding beliefs and habits. It also blew my mind over and over, which led me to then listen to his magnum opus and his first major book, published in 2007, The Ascent of Humanity, a more hefty book that covers the history of consciousness and humanity from prokaryotes to the present. That mindset, the one that’s cynical about the orthodoxy but soft and pliable about anything that seeks to challenge it - that’s what Eisenstein wants you to adopt. Of course, many of us have presaged this development as sense and meaning, story and structure, have broken down in our own lives.And, and, and what you’ve said, a number of times is, is go to the edge and trust the next step that you can trust. He has wholeheartedly confirmed to me what I’ve felt and known all along, this is all crumbling - the consumerist idea of Christmas - I’ve been keenly aware of that since my childhood. It’s more of more of understanding that every choice that we make is a declaration of who we want to become and what world we want to live in. That has changed with the pandemic, when ideas that I’ve written about for years all of a sudden attracted much more attention, much of it hostile. In his wisdom, the author doesn't claim to be right, he claims only to be pointing in the direction of an understanding that can free us from the painful experiences of separation, lack, and entity that plague us.

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