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Losing Hope

Losing Hope

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Holder sees Sky at the grocery store and is immediately drawn to her. Thinking she is someone he used to know, he chases after her only to find out it's not her. They keep "running" into each other...is it fate or something else? I’m pretty sure its too soon to love her, but shit. She’s got to stop doing and saying these things that make me want to fast forward whatever’s going on between us. The series is an absolute must read. You'll fall in love with the characters, the writing, and the story.

Hoover, Colleen. "Fourteen Years. :0". Colleen Hoover. Archived from the original on May 10, 2014 . Retrieved July 10, 2014. How he falls in love with Sky, for the girl she is now, and not because she’s Hope, the girl he searches since he was a kid. Plus of course, we really get to see how Holder felt about Sky from the moment he saw her and his developing feelings towards her. Swoon! I mean really, I'm 34 years old but their story still gets to me. This book follows Sky, a sheltered former foster child who is entering public school for her senior year after being homeschooled her whole life, and Holder, the brooding bad boy who seems to have a secretive past. I just love the way CoHo writes her books. There's an honesty and openness, coupled with her effortless prose that makes reading her books easy. Easy in a sense that the story just flows wonderfully, from the highs to the lows, through the conflicts and resolutions without the reader ever feeling duped or short-changed. There are no purple prose here, folks. It's just concise and straightforward writing. Nothing more. And it works every time. It's definitely worth reliving Holder and Sky's story all over again.

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No, babe,” he says nervously. “I’m at Jaxon’s house.” There’s a long pause while he listens to her speak. “I know that’s what I said, but I lied. That’s why I’m calling. Les, I… I think we need some space.” Revisiting such an emotional story from a different point of view was no small task, especially since we were left believing that no stone was left unturned in the storyline, but it truly deserved to be told again. From the first moment we hear Holder’s voice, we become aware that to truly understand the complexity of Sky’s reactions, we needed to witness Holder’s too. All the final puzzle pieces are set in place, making this story even more flawless. Holder has had more loss in his life than any young man should ever have to overcome. Losing his childhood friend left him burdened with guilt and regret, but losing his twin sister shattered his heart. “What are the chances that the only two girls in my life I’ve ever loved … I’ve lost?” It's been a while since I read Hopeless, and that went in my favor when reading this book. Because it had been almost 2 years since reading the first book, reading from Holder's point of view was a fresh perspective and didn't feel like a reread of a book I already read.

The last thing I feel like doing tonight is going out. I know Daniel would probably get my mind off her with all the crazy shit that comes out of his mouth, but I don’t really want to get my mind off her. I haven’t spoken to her since Monday and the only thing that sounds appealing besides being with her is wallowing alone in self-pity. My teeth are clenched, my jaw is tight, and my pulse is pounding in my head. I’ve never hated anyone more than in this moment. The intensity of what I wish I could do to him right now is even scaring me. Despite the first tiny part was a little slow for me, the rest definitely made up for it. If you had any questions about Les and Holder’s relationship, Losing Hope answers that. Hopeless was hands down one of the best books I have ever read. It touched me so profoundly and so irrevocably that I walked away a different reader. The story of Sky and Holder is not something that you ever forget – its uniqueness lies in the deep emotions that it makes us feel and in its inimitable writing style. It is truly the perfect book. Losing Hope is its sequel, written entirely from Holder’s point of view, but following the same storyline. It is not a book, however, that could or should be read without reading Hopeless first as several scenes are better understood with prior knowledge of Sky’s story, allowing this book to simply fill the gaps in the timeline and for Holder to finally tell his side of this timeless tale of love, courage and human endurance.

The melodrama was as problematic in this novel as the former, but with notably weaker character resonance and little offering in the way of substantated story. In the end, I was disappointed with it.

It is really hard for me to review this book since it's one of my favorite books ever.Hopeless and losing hope show us the same events but from differents POVs.In this book we have Holder's POV and I was kind of expecting it to be like the first book but NO.Even though the events are almost the same his book is different and I dont think you will get the feeling of reading the same book.At least that's how I felt.I fell in love again with him and Sky.There were those parts where I knew exactly what will happen and yet I cried a river and for this reason I love the author.LOL dont worry I'm not a masochist but the fact that I got the same feelings like I was reading it for the first time means a lot. My apprehension sprung from my doubt. Do I need more from Hopeless? Do I even want more from Hopeless? Even though this was Hopeless from Holder's point of view, I didn't feel like it was redundant story line. I really loved that the story starts a year ahead of Hopeless and I totally enjoyed the short epilogue a year later I didn't think Holder's account was enough to carry this entire novel (maybe if it was a novella, but it would depend on the focal points), and you could tell where Hoover retraced details from the previous novel to the point where it was tediously trying to evoke the same emotions that were so potent from Sky's perspective in the previous novel. Sadly, that wasn't to be. There are a few new insights to things that happened that added to the story. I'm not sure how I feel about Holder not being told. The last letter made me laugh and it was left open for ...."possibilities" which is always a good thing!

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a b "Combined Print & E-Book Fiction". The New York Times. July 28, 2013 . Retrieved December 31, 2022. Okay, I will not explain the story behind this book because it’s the exactly same one than the first one. If you haven’t read it yet, I advise you to do it faster. And it was great rereading my favorite lines and the things I loved....the ego deflating texts, the Firsts, the Forevers and especially the Lives. Her baking and his cooking, their reading books and "chapter breaks", holding pinkies and looking at the sky when you're sad....there is just so many romantic things! I realize it's a challenge to write a companion story that "flips the script" or tells a variant version of a same story, but usually the strength in being able to tell an alternate story is to offer new grounds of intrigue and insight specific to the character you're writing the perspective point in. I'll admit there was some potential with that considering Holder reflects on his sister's death and has to deal with the rumors about his person and his own family issues, but I'll admit in the whole time that I followed Holder in this, it was like reading someone's account at arms length and the major measures that shaped him were only with respect to Les's death and Hope's disappearance. Not to mention that I don't think there was anything that new added to the cast at large in this account - the characters had very little dimensions and connectivity, and the mystery was not so much compelling as the first account because you already know what happens in so many measures. Plus, there were some revelations given here that I had a very hard time believing, much like in the first book.

Dean’s losses, his frustrations, his grief, his struggle with wanting her to be Hope as well as the fear that she could be Hope… All those nights you held me and just let me cry . . . you have no idea how many times you’ve already saved me.” You probably faked passing out the other day, just so you could be carried in my hot, sweaty, manly arms.” Believe me when I say that Losing Hope is an absolute MUST READ. Holder’s story has to be heard because his is a story that is told with passion, wit, pain, unmatched emotion and breathtaking beauty. Read it. Devour it. Love it. If I could trade lives with her I would do it in a heartbeat, just so she’d never have to feel what it is she’s feeling right now.”

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In a way I am sad and glad I waited so long to read this book. Sad because it's really good but glad for reasons stated above, it was like reading something new. I recommend this book to all Colleen Hoover and Hopeless fans, it's a real treat for those who love her books. Thirteen years. I’ve been looking for her for thirteen years… I’m not sure that I’m ready for her to remember me yet.” Colleen Hoover can do no wrong in my book. I've read and loved each and every single one of her books and they were all brilliant, and Losing Hope was no exception. Hopeless was one of my favorite books of 2012 and reading the story again from Holder's POV made me exactly remember why. From the #1 New York Times bestselling author of It Ends with Us and It Starts with Us, an exclusive ebook collection of the spellbinding Hopeless series, exploring how learning the truth can sometimes leave you more hopeless than believing the lies. Is Sky who she thinks she is? Does her adoptive mother have her best interest at heart? Does Holder’s hot-and-cold attitude have anything to do with all this?

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