Powerful Storm Shaver - Powerful Storm Shaver for Men - Mini-Shave Portable Electric Shaver - Portable Electric Shaver - Super Clean, Easy to Clean (Blue)

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Powerful Storm Shaver - Powerful Storm Shaver for Men - Mini-Shave Portable Electric Shaver - Portable Electric Shaver - Super Clean, Easy to Clean (Blue)

Powerful Storm Shaver - Powerful Storm Shaver for Men - Mini-Shave Portable Electric Shaver - Portable Electric Shaver - Super Clean, Easy to Clean (Blue)

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Make sure your skin is clean before starting your shave. If you have a wet and dry use shaver, you can go at your scruff right out of the shower (or even in the shower) after washing your face. If you have a dry shaver only, then you can use a light amount of pre-shave oil or you can wash your face and then pat yourself dry with a towel—these types of shavers work best with stubble that's stiff and void of any moisture. It really depends on your shaving style and what you’re looking to achieve. Electric razors offer a few benefits over the traditional razor/cream combo. First, they cut down on using multiple products. Most electric razors don’t require the use of shaving cream or any other products to achieve a close shave.

Storm Shaver for Men, Mini Shave Pocket Size 2023 Powerful Storm Shaver for Men, Mini Shave Pocket Size

Why we chose it: We've used plenty of electric razors on non-face body parts, and they do work. But our team unanimously loved the simple design of this hygiene razor that feels like a better tool for the job. It's "fit for purpose" as some might say with a lightweight design that's easy and comfortable to hold, making it a snap to maneuver around the curves and crevices of everywhere below the waist. We found the shave perfect for a hygiene razor. It's not buttery smooth, but it's not supposed to be. We also appreciate the thoughtful details like the completely waterproof design (perfect for shower use), simple charging stand, and braided USB cable that's durable and great for travel. If you neglect to clean your electric shaver, you risk the chance of shortening the razor's lifespan and also running dirt across your face when shaving. A dirty razor can result in uneven shaving and potentially cause ingrown hairs or acne. There are a ton of specs to consider when looking for the right electric shaver, and that can make finding the right razor for you confusing. That's why we enlisted the help of Calvin Quallis, founder of grooming brand Scotch Porter, and Dr. Corey L. Hartman, founder of Skin Wellness Dermatology, to break it down. Rinsability: The ease of rinsing a shaver in the sink—especially when you’re traveling—is important. A little warm water and a gentle brushing will clean your razor as well as a standard cleaning system. Display: We looked for models that offer, at a minimum, a lighted battery indicator. We found more elaborate digital displays nice but not necessary.

Why we chose it: In the record books for "most innovative grooming gadgets," the Philips Norelco OneBlade Hybrid Electric Trimmer and Shaver is definitely in the top ten, maybe even top five. Thanks to its design, like that of a traditional razor, we loved the intuitive design, even for anyone who has shaved with one before. Our testers of all facial hair types agreed: It's sleek, lightweight, and cuts like a dream. It’s also the only razor on this list that comes with length comb attachments. So even if you’re not a clean shave guy, you can still use it to trim and detail your facial hair—even your body (just make sure to use a different blade for your body to avoid cross-contamination). Most of all, we love that it fits easily into our favorite dopp kits, so we don’t need a separate travel case or to save room in our carry-ons just to keep up our shave on the road. What else to consider: Whether you're limited on counter/drawer real estate at home or you're looking for the smallest electric razor possible to stash in your luggage, you want a compact option. That's this razor's biggest selling point. Measuring just 4.76 x 2.52 x 2.05 inches, it's easily one of the smallest razors we've ever tested. It's not the strongest, the most powerful, or the most feature-rich. In fact, it doesn't really have any features to speak of, beyond the ability to, you know, shave. But, it will give you a reasonably decent shave on the go, whether that's on a plane, in a hotel, or in rush-hour traffic on your way to work (but, seriously, don't shave and drive). The fact that it takes standard AA batteries that last up to a year is a plus, too. First off, electric razors and manual razors both operate by guiding some version of a blade across your face to trim down hair follicles. Most electric razors work by using a foil system, where the hairs are lead into the small perforations on the foil and then cut off with an opposing blade system. (It's worth noting rotary electric razors have a different opposing blade system than a traditional electric razor, but the interior makeup of how both versions work is essentially the same.) A manual razor works via a multi-blade system, where the first blade pulls your hair follicle outward, and then the remaining blades chop down the hair lower and lower. The best analogy to compare electric razors and manual razors is that an electric razor cuts down hairs like a pair of scissors, while a manual razor cuts down hairs like a knife. Unlike shaving with a traditional razor or safety razor, an electric razor has a pretty low learning curve. But that doesn't mean you should just take your electric razor out of the box and start zooming without first knowing how to get a close shave.

Storm Shaver for Men, Powerful Storm™ Shaver for Men Powerful Storm Shaver for Men, Powerful Storm™ Shaver for Men

Gillette’s tried-and-true Mach3 razor remains our favorite for everyday shaving, because it provides the perfect balance of comfort, closeness, and durability—and all at a fair price. Long term results: Even after the initial testing phase, the Panasonic Arc5 continues to impress. Cutting power did not decrease, even after months of use and there was no increase in post-shave irritation. What else to consider: Besides the three pivoting rotary heads of this shaver, there aren’t any other shaving features to speak of. It’s simple and easy to use (literally, just turn it on) which is why it’s so good for beginning shavers. There’s no fussiness to learn and a very low learning curve. The integrated LED lights that are designed to help improve skin concerns like acne are nice, but by no means essential—and some users may like them more than others. If LED light therapy isn’t something you’re interested in, it won’t detract from the user experience, but you probably won’t find it essential. The most important thing to consider, according to Quallis, is the blade type. The best electric razor for longer stubble or if you tend to shave less frequently is a rotary blade. "It's designed to move in a circular motion and adjust to the contours of your face," says Quallis. Dr. Hartman says, "Rotary electric razors suit men with regular to tough skin types, and with a medium to coarse beard density. Next is how you should hold your razor. Hold it perpendicular to your skin at all times , that way you aren't trimming your hair at an angle. Hold your razor gently too: You don't need to press down hard into your face to get the shave you want. In fact, pressing down on your skin when shaving can cause uneven patches, especially if you're pressing down with more force when coming up around your chin and the rest of your jawline. So essentially you want to hold your electric razor in the same manner as you do a traditional razor.Also pay attention to your razor's battery life. Even the best electric razors lose battery life over time, which can result in less time holding a full charge and a weaker power output. Why we chose it: Like many electric razor users, we like them because they reduce post-shave irritation and razor bumps—usually by not shaving as close to the skin as a traditional manual razor. We found this razor gets as close as possible to a wet razor shave while minimizing irritation. Once we got past a few uses to allow our skin to adjust, we barely had any razor bumps or irritation at all. It’s efficient, powerful, and incredibly intuitive to use without a lot of unnecessary bells and whistles that could muddy the shaving experience. If you have sensitive skin, this electric razor is a no-brainer as it’s the most gentle on this list. Display: Having at least a battery indicator is a nice to have. Some premium razor models offer much more elaborate, high-tech displays, but it's up to you whether you need this or not.

Storm Shaver for Men, Mini Shavers Electric 2023 Powerful Storm Shaver for Men, Mini Shavers Electric

After conducting our Series 9 Pro review, we found the razor cuts shaving time into a fraction of the time of other lesser electric razors. It has all the bells and whistles you want from a high-end razor (even a self-cleaning charging station) and even ones you didn’t know you needed like AutoSense technology that automagically adjusts power based on the density of your beard, allowing it to plow through even seven days-worth of stubble with ease. There’s even Sonic Technology that lifts hair to deliver a closer shave in less time.Aside from the above considerations, many premium models offer additional features or accessories, including: For the past five years, Men's Health has dedicated itself to discovering and recommending the best grooming products for men via hands-on testing and in-depth research. Men's Health grooming has been featured on national news outlets like The TODAY Show and Good Morning America, showcasing the latest new grooming products for men and presenting why we love the brands we select. Corded razors limit the availability to use them without a power source, but can save on batteries and last longer in general," says Dr. Hartman. "Cordless razors provide more flexibility in travel whether they utilize replaceable or rechargeable batteries." Case: A case might not seem like a big deal. But, the foil and other components of many electric razors are fragile. Keeping them protected whenever not in use is important, especially if you travel frequently.

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